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Walking vs Hiking the difference
Walking vs Hiking the difference

Walking vs Hiking the difference

Movement has been classified into different types, right from a child is born, names were assigned to the movement steps that were taken. The ability to move from one place to the other largely depends on what you do with your legs. Movement is now classified, based on different criteria to; crawling, running, jumping, and walking. This could be based on the speed or the position it took to initiate such locomotion, but they all generally require a change of location. Walking is rather common, it’s a necessary part of growth, as children develop, they learn to crawl, walk, and then run. Others like hiking are not natural, it’s initiated on a personal level with certain goals in mind to be achieved by the end of the hike.

Walking is casual, no special plan

Walking is casual, no special plan is required to do this, in fact, it can be made part of your daily activities. Hiking isn’t a requirement for anything, it’s an activity that requires interest, and this interest will cause the immersion of your body into the process. Since a degree of immersion is required to hike, it would mean much energy will be used. Hiking is not moving across flat grounds, challenging surfaces such as rough terrains are usually the focal point. Walking requires basic energy to accomplish it, most times we achieve walking without using extra effort.

You may consider walking to be

You may consider walking to be normal, it might serve as an exercise procedure for those learning to walk or as exercise for pregnant women. Walking may be done to achieve relaxation, and release from immediate environment. It can be done at the park, beach side, or just the surrounding neighborhood, medics even recommends taking a walk regularly to relief stress. Hiking always serves as an exercise procedure, the body is deeply engaged into a rigorous procedure that will stress you, and will ultimately produce satisfaction. Those who can take a hike can walk, but not all who walk can hike successfully because of the demand.

Walking vs Hiking the difference

A significant difference is also seen on the type of places each activity is done. Walking would require just about anywhere, but more emphasis is placed on lands that are primarily man-made. Paths like constructed roads and parks can be used in for taking a walk, but hiking is mostly done on natural terrains. Areas that are not developed, like mountain sides, forests, reserved lands, to mention a few. The aim is to explore nature without the use of motorized vehicles and airplanes, to connect with the wild for a new form of experience, one that may not be obtained without coming so close.

Dressing is similarly different between these two activities, regarding walking, no special detail is paid to the manner of clothing that is worn. You can dress casually, or on any uniform, wear a jersey, carry a bag, they all don’t reflect any special occasion. If you’re hiking, you’d have to be prepared, down to your very clothes, ensuring that your choice of clothing will not affect the journey you’re about to embark on. Items like, lose-fitted clothes, and much luggage to carry, like snacks, water, light emergency tools, tents, to mention a few are carried along.

During the hiking process, depending on the plan, a complete hike may not be accomplished in one full day. It means there will be need for camping, which you won’t see when taking a walk. Walking around is much brief compared to hiking, there isn’t necessarily any sense of adventure attached to it. Hiking is about the adventure, trials, and challenges that can be surmounted when taking a particular path. It’s a more difficult thing to do compare to walking, yet, more fun, depending on the outcome of the journey.

There are differences between walking and hiking; the paths which are taking are a significant one, as flat surfaces, which may or may not be rough are reserved for walking. Hiking, takes to hilly surfaces, mountain paths, and forest terrains, which may prove more challenging to moving through. This is why those who are hiking must be prepared with proper food, equipment, and whatever they may need to survive. Walking would only require minimum preparations, it’s usually done on soft paths, without many specifics. They are both fun activities to engage in, be sure to understand which is best for you, before embarking on either.