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The Conditions That Make Mount Washington Dangerous For Hikers
The Conditions That Make Mount Washington Dangerous For Hikers

The Conditions That Make Mount Washington Dangerous For Hikers

It is considered risky to hike on Mount Washington especially during the winter when the weather is unfavorable. The wind on Mount Washington is strong in that you can be blown off your course. A person risks getting lost on Mount Washington when the wind is strong enough to force them off their track. The speed of wind increases because of the effect from surrounding mountains which accelerate it. Surrounding mountains direct the wind towards Mount Washington at a high speed.

Since humans cannot go against the wind, it will steer them off their trails and roads making it hard for them to find their way back. Hiking becomes impossible as you will find yourself falling off the cliff or getting lost. A person should know the atmospheric conditions around the mountain before going for a hike.

With strong winds and extremely low

Temperatures drop drastically as you go up Mount Washington endangering people who are hiking towards the summit. The wind on the mountain is cold enough to freeze you to death. When going for a hike on Mount Washington, you will need to have heavy clothes but sometimes, the temperatures can be so low that the clothes will not keep you warm. Because of unpredictable temperature changes, temperatures drop to freezing point making you freeze and eventually die.

With strong winds and extremely low temperatures around Mount Washington, it makes it impossible for a hiker to get help in case they lose their trail. These conditions make it hard for you to call for any assistance as electronics cannot work under such situations. This makes it hard for rescuers to find you in time as there is nothing that can track your electronics. It will be long before a lost hiker is found and by the time the rescuers get them, they will not be alive. People are not supposed to continue with their hiking expedition in case they notice that the weather is changing. They should abandon their adventure because when something happens to them, it will be too late before you are found.

Another danger that people are exposed

Those that are hiking have to scramble up boulders and walk through several steep gorges to get to the top. This is dangerous as you will fall off the mountain when climbing a loose boulder. The trail becomes steeper as a person climbs up to the summit which makes it easy for them to slip and fall. The trails are filled with loose rocks therefore, one miscalculated move you will slide and twist an ankle which will make you struggle to walk by yourself. The terrain gets more fraught as you climb, which endangers your life. There are different trails that head to the summit but the easiest trail you can use is dangerous and slippery. People are encouraged to carry tools that will help them climb the steep slopes of Mount Washington.

Another danger that people are exposed to is caused by dangerous snow formations. There are days when the weather might be friendly for a hiker to walk on the mountain. Snow conditions on Mount Washington are dangerous for a hiker. Heavy snow falls will bury a hiker and it would take long before they are dug out of ice. Atmospheric conditions might change without notice and when snow falls, it sweeps hikers off their path before burying them. Even though hikers might carry protective equipment to protect them, snow drops at a high-speed trapping them. When you are trapped under snow, you will die of a cardiac arrest as it will be impossible for you to breathe and the temperatures are extremely low.

The Conditions That Make Mount Washington Dangerous For Hikers

Negligence shown by hikers drives them into getting themselves killed. People walk directly below a towering cliff loaded with snow ready for avalanches and ice ready to fall on them when triggered. When the weather becomes warmer, ice starts to melt, releasing heavy ice balls that fall on hikers. Those hiking directly below a cliff are hit by falling ice balls which end up killing or burying them.

In poor weather conditions, visibility becomes impossible for a person who is hiking. It is dangerous for a person to hike when they cannot see where they are going. You might end up drifting away from your trail or fall off a cliff. Poor visibility has misguided hikers, making them walk away from their path.